How can an individual trade the momentum anomaly?

What the academics call the momentum anomaly, investors call relative price. So if you are an active trader, you have probably been using the momentum anomaly; perhaps without realizing it. There are some results found by the academics that can help you with your trading.

Firstly, as the product manger of Research Wizard, I have made it as

easy as possible for you to use relative price in your trading by including the key data you need such as 52 week high/low and price changes over many periods. To create a screen using a relative price measure, select the measure, e.g. % price change over last 12 weeks, then under the calc menu, select stocks in the top 10% based on the price change.

An effective idea from academics is to look at price change over the last 6 months and to only hold the stocks for one month. Moving average strategies can also be developed in the Research Wizard. Your only limitation here is your imagination.

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