How should an investor trade Accruals ?

Since I am the product manger for Research Wizard my obvious suggestion is to use Research Wizard to trade Accruals. To make this as easy as possible we have included the cash flow measure of accruals as a data item. Since the accrual anomaly has a holding period of one year and accruals only change once a quarter it does not take much time to implement an accrual based strategy in your portfolio. However you need to understand that by using accruals you will not generate more than 10% return over a year period and that in some years this return may be lower or even negative.

The first step is to backtest the performance of a long and short portfolio based on accruals. To do

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this you need to create your portfolio after the company has reported so you will be sure to include the accrual ratios from the most recent company reports.

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