12 hot lesbian porn month price momentum creates 14% average annual return

This strategy is a simple example of how you can look at just one idea or factor (but it has to be a profitable idea!) and still make money. The price momentum anomaly is exhibited in this example as a 12 month price change or momentum. Basically

what you’re looking at here is the 30 stocks with the highest price appreciation over the last 52 weeks. It’s that simple, yet profitable.

Using 4 week holding period returns, this strategy has produced a backtested annual average return of 14% from 2002-2010. Here are the annual details:

12 month price momentum S&P 500

2002 -4% -22%

2003 148% 29%

2004 milf porn 28% 11%

2005 -7% 5%

2006 buy generic zithromax online 7% 16%

2007 celebrity sex tapes -6% 6%

2008 black vagina -48% -37%

2009 celebrity nude 2% 26%

2010 6% 15%

Avg black porn 14% 5%

Furthermore, hot lesbian porn the compounded annual growth rate for this time period is 7% and the backtested results of $10,000 invested at the end of 2001 are below:

12 hot lesbian porn month price momentum is a strategy that was developed in Zacks’ Research Wizard. Please click here to learn how to test your ideas to see if they are truly money-making strategies!

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