Accrual anomaly produced a 29% average annual return

The accrual anomaly can be calculated in varying ways using different reported data items. In our test using Research Wizard, accruals is formulated as (Net Income – Cash Flow) / Total Assets. This method is the most direct and easiest way to take

advantage hot lesbian porn of the accrual anomaly. Ideally, you want to create an investment strategy where you buy the stocks with the lowest accruals. For our test, we created a portfolio of the 10% of stocks with the lowest values.

Using 4 week holding period returns, this strategy produced a backtested annual average return of 29% from 2002-2010. Here are the annual details:

Low accruals S&P 500

2002 -32% -22%

2003 133% 29%

2004 gay porn videos 13% 11%

2005 7% 5%

2006 black girl porn 17% 16%

2007 -5% 6%

2008 porn cartoon -51% -37%

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2009 146% 26%

2010 36% 15%

Avg hentai videos 29% 5%

Furthermore, mobile porn the compounded annual growth rate for this time period is 15% and the backtested results of $10,000 invested at the end of 2001 are below:

The porn cartoon accrual anomaly is just one investment strategy that can be created using Research Wizard. Please click here to learn more about the screening animated porn and backtesting power of a stock research system built to help you identify winning strategies.

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