Small hot lesbian porn market cap portfolio earns 38% average annual return

The size anomaly states that small market capitalization stocks outperform large cap stocks. To test this in Research Wizard, we selected the 10% smallest cap stocks out of the largest 5000 that still had decent trading volume (100,000 in average tr

ading volume over the last month). The trading volume floor is applied to keep untradeable stocks from entering the portfolio. The results indicate that small cap stocks really do outperform large cap stocks, e.g. the S&P 500.

Using 4 week holding period returns, this strategy has produced a backtested annual average return of 38% from 2002-2010. Here are the annual details:

Small cap stocks S&P 500

2002 -8% -22%

2003 176% 29%

2004 black girl porn 16% 11%

2005 phone porn 10% 5%

2006 18% 16%

2007 -10% 6%

2008 -53% -37%

2009 lesbian porn 173% 26%

2010 19% 15%

Avg celebrity nude 38% 5%

Furthermore, the compounded annual growth rate for this time period is 20% and the backtested results of $10,000 invested at

the end of 2001 are below:

Strategies mom sex like these and others can be simulated in Zacks’ Research Wizard. Please click here to learn more about the screening and backtesting power of a stock research system celebrity nude built for the individual investor.

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